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where can I invest1 lac in Pakistan

Where Can I Invest 1 Lac In Pakistan ?

by Arifa Rana

This makes no difference what your educational background is or if you are currently working or jobless. Everyone with Rs 1 lakh in their bank account can establish one of the businesses listed below.

You can select any of them based on your skill and interest in a certain field:

1-The Food Truck:

Food trucks are the simplest and most successful businesses to establish. You may simply start this company with a Rs 1 lakh investment. A significant portion of your money will be spent on obtaining licenses and permissions. Other costs, such as acquiring raw materials, personnel, and a commercial vehicle, would be minimal. You do not need to buy a four-wheeler because you may rent one. In terms of manpower, you and the other two or three members of your family would suffice. You can negotiate a lower price for raw materials with a seller.

2-Food Catering Company

Start a food catering business if you’re having trouble launching a food truck business. Here, you just cook various foods to request and then deliver them to clients’ doorsteps. Unlike the Food Truck business, you do not require a specific license or permit. You will, however, need a catering license. People will purchase main course meals from you for special events such as weddings, birthday celebrations, and special events. You must provide them on time. So get began, all you need is a kitchen, raw ingredients, a few employees, and a marketing budget for things like distributing leaflets and attaching invoices.

3- Milk selling:

Every year, Pakistan has a massive milk business. You, too, can get a piece of this pie. For this purpose, you may make a good living by starting a milk supply company in your community. You may either buy milk immediately from a dairy farm or become a dealer for a milk processing firm. One should select the appropriate type of milk to offer. The highest profitability may be obtained from regular pasteurization package milk. Then you must locate buyers. They might be local houses or tea sellers in your neighborhood.

4-Tailoring and Laundering:

Small investments are required to start a tailoring and laundry company. You only need a few sewing machines and a team of 3 to 4 workers to establish a tailoring shop. That is all there is to it. Clothes can also be washed and ironed. You may work with a DhobiGhat to get your clothes washed in bulk at a lower cost. It is quite simple to establish a tailoring and laundry business.

5-Flower Shop:

The idea of establishing a flower shop is also a wonderful one. Flowers are utilized not just as a gift or a present on important occasions in Pakistan, but also for religious purposes. There should be flowers in every house or office to beautify. Buying flowers in bulk from growers and wholesalers is a cost-effective way to make a profit.

6-Courier service

Across Pakistan, the courier service industry has grown. There are a few persons or helpers that are familiar with courier services in Pakistan. That you will need to employ. In order to be successful, you must have excellent management skills and guarantee that courier products get to their destination faster with zero problems. Many different types of businesses use courier services, including legal companies, banks, and hospitals. There are several types of documents that may include in a box, including medical report specimens and passports.

7- Tour Planner:

Individual or group excursions from one city to another in Pakistan are offering travel and tour business in Pakistan. As a rule, Pakistanis go out of the city to attend a diplomatic and personal event, as well as a family reunion for educational reasons, as well as for amusement, religious excursions. Northern Pakistan is a popular destination for locals as well as tourists from across the world. A travel and tour agency may open if you are from a similar location or if you meet someone who has an idea. The same thing can practice with a little initial investment of up to one lakh rupees

8-Office Repair Services:

Any city’s corporate hubs, business centers, and local shopping areas all have offices that require office repair services. Repairing a computer needs knowledge of both hardware and software. If you want to get started right now you may also start a business repairing office chairs for a very modest cost. There are a few basic items and tools you are in need to start this business.

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