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what Can You Do To Maintain Your Mental Health ?

by Arifa Rana

Mental health is important, as it affects all aspects of a person’s life. According to Adam Ant,

Mental health needs a great deal of attention, It’s the final taboo and it needs to be faced and dealt with.

In this article, you will learn simple rules to maintain your mental health. But this article is not a substitute for professional medical advice and the content is for informational purposes.

Our brain is designed to repair itself, so if you follow some fundamental principles, you can maintain your mental health easily.

  • Care for your physical health
  • Spend time with nature
  • Maintain your life balance
  • Exercise
  • Assume a tension-free lifestyle
  • Adopt a good society
  • Invest in yourself
  • Take professional help
  • Drink more water
  • Meditate and use prayer

Care for your physical health

The first rule is, mental health begins with physical health. Pay attention to your physical health. Although there are examples of people who are facing serious illness and still show good mental health. But having a healthy body makes or brain functions easy so physical health plays a pivotal role in mental health.

Spend time with nature

The second rule is to spend time with nature. Study shows that spending time with nature helps you to reduce anxiety and depression. Nature also soothes our moods. The people who walk in parks are felt happier, and mentally healthier than the people who do not.

Maintain your life balance

Our mind gets stuck with an increasingly demanding work culture so one has to maintain balance in life and work. If the work you are doing does not make you happy then the chances of getting mental health issues are high.


Exercise has always been a part of the prescription for the treatment of depression and anxiety, although it is not considered a single cure. Research has found that regular exercise can treat depression and helps a patient feel better.

People who do not exercise regularly are inviting anxiety and other problems. It has been seen that prolonged inactivity leads to feelings of hopelessness instigating depression.  Studies show that exercise improves moods such as tension, fatigue, anger, and vigor in a positive way.

Assume a tension-free lifestyle

A stressful lifestyle affects us and can cause: difficulty in concentration and memory loss, anxiety, anger, and fear. With persistence, these can convert into habits and can become second nature. On the other side, science says that people who live a tension-free lifestyle live longer.  Check if you can improve your lifestyle which is free of tension. Or what condition you can change to adopt a better lifestyle?

Adopt a good society

Always surround yourself with people who are supporting and caring towards you. Avoid people who are constant critics and see always negativity. Having a company of mentally healthier people provides you strong subconscious support. Never let any person crack that support.

Invest in yourself

Mental health requires sophisticated knowledge about yourself. You will always be able to increase this knowledge by taking proper steps. Always read books which guide you about knowing yourself and your emotions. Attend workshops and seminars to know yourself, they will provide you deep insights into mental health.

Take professional help

In the normal course of life affairs, one does not feel the need to see a psychologist. If you have childhood traumas or heartbreaking incidents in your life which are difficult to get cured then you should take professional help. Consult with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. This can save many years of suffering.

Drink more water

Research has shown that taking a large amount of water can be good for your mind. Whatever we eat it converts to some salts, enzymes, and other chemicals. But water is the medium that takes all those chemicals to all parts of the body. Many nutritionists believe that drinking more water can help reduce tension and increase mental capacity.

Meditate and use prayer

Meditation and prayer are the two most mysterious things which can help you. It is proven that if you meditate regularly, you will definitely increase the sense of peace within and a sense of all betterment. Meditation is considered the best tool for the mindfulness experience.

In the same way, prayer can also enhance mental health. Research at Baylor University found that people who pray to God are less likely to experience anxiety-related disorders compared to people who pray but don’t really expect to receive any comfort or protection from God.


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