The Plaza Hotel in New York


For more than a century, The Plaza has been the place to see and be seen in New York. Lords, presidents, and stars of stage and screen have all accumulated and remained at The Court. The most extravagant parties, as well as exemplary Hollywood movies, have all involved amazing lodging as their setting.

The Plaza Inn is one of just two New York City lodgings (the other being the Waldolf-Astoria) to get “public landmark” status from the US government. Perhaps the most prominent literary reference to the Square Inn is in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s original The Great Gatsby.

The Plaza Inn is highlighted in Home Alone 2, which turned out in 1992, and is where Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin) wound up while getting isolated from his loved ones. He chanced upon Donald Trump in the hall and remained in Suite 411.

The Plaza joins history, polish, and solace at one of the world’s best locations. On the off chance that you’re searching for a focal area and a genuine New York City experience, going overboard for evening tea and a night here is worth the effort.

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