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by Arifa Rana

Apr 16, 2022

Susan M. Hess, 63, of Williamsport, passed away peacefully at the gate house on 12/23/2021.
Sue was born on Sept. 7, 1958 to the late Kenneth (Gene) and Mary L. (Cupp) Hess. In addition to her parents, she is preceded in death by her brother, Kenny and niece, Hannah Hess.
Survived by her son, Brennen Hess and two sisters, MaryAnne (Ray) Jolin, AnnMarie (Barry) Hohman Jr. of Williamsport; nieces and nephews are Eric and Shane Jolin, Kristie (Alicia) Hess, Nancy (Marcus) Perez of North Carolina, Steven (Brittany) Hohman, of Selinsgrove, Breeanna (Cliff) Bower, Nicholas (Cheyanne) Hohman, Jonathan Hess; 13 great-nieces and nephews; that she loved very much.
Celebration of life will be on Saturday May 7, 2022 at 11 a.m. At Messiah Lutheran Church in South Williamsport. In lieu of flowers, you may make a contribution to Messiah Lutheran Church in her name or to the Gatehouse.
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