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South Point residents excited for new rehab hospital, jobs in region – WSAZ

by Arifa Rana

SOUTH POINT, Ohio (WSAZ) – A lot off U.S. 52 on Collins Avenue in South Point will be ground for development during the next year.
ClearSky Health announced Wednesday the village will be home for a 30-bed rehabilitation hospital meant to serve the tri-state region.
“In talking with the folks at the hospitals in Kentucky and West Virginia and people in Ohio, we realized there was a shortage of rehabilitation beds in the area,” Clear Sky’s Senior Vice President of Development said Thursday.
Rosen said one of the goals is to take stress off hospitals in the area.
“It gives hospitals the option to get patients discharged earlier as they’re very busy especially in times of COVID,” he said. “Unlike if a patient needs to go to a skilled nursing facility, which is where a lot of patients go now when they need rehabilitation, we can take patients much earlier.”
The rehab hospital is expected to bring around 100 health care jobs and will treat patients with a variety of conditions from Parkinson’s to those dealing with the effects of COVID-19. Locals say it’s a service that’s needed in the area.
“I think anyone around here will help this community a whole lot,” said John Boston, a lifelong South Point resident.
“South Point’s got a lot of good people,” said Frank Waller, who recently moved back to South Point after living in Florida. “A lot of them have to leave and go away to find good jobs, so if they can get jobs here, it keeps them here with the people they’ve grown up with and stuff.”
“I’m an aged person, 96,” said Jack Nuckols, who moved to South Point after living in Ashland, Kentucky. “I know it would very much be a benefit to me.”
Rosen thinks the area will see several upsides.
“We think that in addition to a lot of jobs we’ll help provide greater independence for the residents of the tri-state area,” he said. “That’s what we do and we’re excited about it.”
Rosen said ClearSky will break ground later in the summer, with the hospital expected to be open by fall 2023.
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