Saudi Arabia announces a $500 billion plan to construct the biggest buildings ever!


As part of a whole new $500 billion development named NEOM, Saudi Arabia has disclosed its intention to erect the tallest structures in the world in an area of the nation that is largely unpopulated.

One such instance is the NEOM development, which will be constructed in Saudi Arabia. The $725 billion futuristic city “The Line,” which would accommodate 9 million people, is a crucial component of the concept. It consists of a 500-meter-tall, 200-meter-wide mirror-like wall-like structure. 14-Sept-2022.

The city’s plans are for a 9 million-person population. By October 2022, excavation operations had begun throughout the full project’s length.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Monday that a float that is anticipated for 2024 will help fund a portion of his $500 billion centrepiece project, NEOM, a vast industrial zone that will ultimately accommodate nine million people.

Recent drone footage reveals that Saudi Arabia has definitely started building in the desert of the long-promised city The Line, despite detractors’ assertions that this project is only a utopian fantasy.

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