Pacific Park


Pacific Park is a beachfront carnival situated in Santa Monica, California. The recreation area, situated on the St. Nick Monica Dock, gazes straight out on the Pacific Ocean, toward Catalina Island. Pacific Park is LA’s just-affirmation-free entertainment mecca.

There are no expenses to enter the recreation area. Guests who wish to ride our rides or play our games pay just for the rides and games they pick.

Highlighting 12 exciting rides, including the West Liner and Pacific Wheel, the first sun oriented controlled Ferris wheel. A huge number of guests every year partake in every one of the rides, games, and good times you’d anticipate from one of Southern California’s driving diversion attractions.

Park is additionally home to 14 halfway games and over-the-sea food and retail outlets. It has shown up in over 500 films and TV programmes like Fat Albert, Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana: The Film, Kidsongs, 90210, Bean, and The This Evening Show with Jay Leno, as well as the famous computer game Fabulous Burglary Auto V. In 2020, it was highlighted in the opening ident for the Sky TV station Sky Satire. It is worked on by Head Parks LLC.

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