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Minot business owners speak out against public works snow plans – KFYR

by Arifa Rana

MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) – Snow clearing operations continue around the Magic City, but some of the piles may be left to melt in the sun.
Public Works staff have worked over the last week to clear paths through the city, but mounds of snow still dominate parts of downtown.
”To have mounds of snow where people should be parking, or the lanes halfway open. It’s ridiculous, we lose a lot of business because of that,” said Valerie Stadheim, business owner.
Officials said they want to leave the snow to melt because of the exorbitant costs of removing it.
”We’ll keep pushing it back, so depending on what the next snow event brings us, hopefully, we’ll have a little bit of room to put some of this snow,” said Dan Jonasson, public works director.
Jonasson estimated it would cost an extra $40,000 a day to move the snow out of downtown.
”We all do pay taxes for downtown as well as everybody does around the city, but if it was anyplace else and they had to open up a residential area would they say, ‘Well, we can’t clear it out?’ or would they do it,” said Stadheim.
The Public Works Director said they cut back the number of contractors working for the Magic City after all the roads were passable.
Crews are continuing to work on Burdick, Broadway, and other roads across the city to get ready for any more snow we might get in the next couple weeks.
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