Lisbon and Mexico City are on voyagers’ lists of things to get for 2023: These are the best 10 moving holiday spots


In November, Travers distributed its 2023 Moving Objections list. It was compiled based on the number of international part-trip reservations made between 2019 and 2022.

According to Traverls, 70% of respondents say they need to make a list of things to do in 2023, and half are already planning summer vacations for the following year.

10 moving travel objections for 2023
Copenhagen, Denmark
Florida Keys, Florida
Istanbul, Turkey
Lisbon, Portugal
Mexico City, Mexico
Paris, France
Sydney, Australia
Woodstock, Vermont
Yakuve Island, Fiji

Explorer says the best time to visit Copenhagen is during each season, with the exception of winter.

The city’s bicycle-friendly foundation permits guests to get around more effectively and investigate parks like the popular Tivoli Nursery and its enchanting trenches.

Just two U.S. objections made the best 10—the Florida Keys and Woodstock, Vermont.

The Florida Keys, known for their lovely seashores, contain five regions: Key West, the Lower Keys, Long Island, Islamorada, and Key Largo. The most famous of these is Key West. It’s home to authentic structures like Hemingway’s home and extraordinary fish.

Then again, Woodstock, Vermont, is a leaf-peeper’s heaven. The town is generally known for the Billings Ranch and Gallery and being home to the Swamp Billings-Rockefeller Public National Park.

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