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Lincoln business rallies around sick employee – KOLN

by Arifa Rana

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -Dalton Robinson is an assistant manager for Toppers Pizza in downtown Lincoln. For him and his family Toppers is like a second home. Even his wife Jennifer’s mom works behind the counter. So when he got sick, they were some of the first to step up and help.
“I love the support that we have,” said Jennifer Sukup, Dalton’s wife. “Toppers is like a second family to us. My husband actually took a picture that was taken two weeks ago at Toppers with him to the hospital because he wanted his entire family shown.”
In June of 2020 he was diagnosed with a rare disease known as Moyamoya. It’s a chronic and progressive condition that causes blood vessels to narrow near the brain. On Wednesday he underwent bypass surgery on the right side of his brain, and will undergo another surgery in about six weeks. In the meantime, his Toppers family is helping his wife and kids emotionally and raising money to get it all done.
“Not enough research on it but what we’ve read about it and what we’ve been told about it,” Sukup said. “It can take you at any time with or without the surgeries.”
When Toppers heard about a GoFundMe the family had set up to help pay for the surgery, and another one scheduled down the road, they helped out at both the local level and corporate level. The CEO Scott Grittrich spread the word about the link to help donate.
“Brings such an energy to our team this store in particular is such a family of people literally and figuratively and Dalton is such a huge part of that for us,” Jon Crowe, Toppers employee said.
“We have basically mobilized what we call Toppers nation around him and he’s got a GoFundMe page that raised about $5,300 and there’s been a lot of private donations on the side,” CEO and Founder of Toppers, Scott Grittrich said.
Jennifer says their 6-year-old son also has the condition and also had surgery. She also said it’s scary not knowing what will happen next, but having a constant in her life like the support here always helps.
“Over the last three years it has been very stressful in our lives every day is a new adventure and we never know what it’s gonna bring” Sukup said.
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