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Letter | Why are top officials in Santa Cruz leaving jobs? – Santa Cruz Sentinel

by Arifa Rana

While being the Chief of Police in any city would be challenging, anyone who accepts such a high-profile position in this city has my respect. The Chief must balance the needs of the department, the directives from the City Council and city manager, and the demands of the community. While I may disagree with some of the decisions the chief has made over the last four years, I recognize that I’m looking at the issues through a different lens. While our reaction to Chief Mills announcing his resignation should have been to thank him for his service to our community, it seems a small group of residents are demeaning his character because he failed to end homelessness, stop substance abuse, and cure mental illness.
Does anyone else find it odd that the city manager, the fire chief, and the police chief have all resigned. Maybe the problem is more complicated.
— Magdalena Ramirez, Santa Cruz
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