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Lake Placid parking fines increase | News, Sports, Jobs – The Adirondack Daily Enterprise

by Arifa Rana

Apr 20, 2022
LAKE PLACID — The price of parking illegally on Main Street in Lake Placid is now $35 instead of $25.
The village board of trustees voted to increase general parking infraction fines in the village in 2018, but Lake Placid Police Chief Chuck Dobson said the new fines just went into effect within the last month. He said the ticket vendor the village uses just registered the change in its ticket writing system.
Dobson said that parking fines with a higher price tag, like those issued for parking in a loading zone or accessible parking spaces, have stayed the same.
The local law passed by the village board in 2018 also gave the village board the authority to modify parking infraction fines in the village without going through the state. Previously, the village had to file those modifications with the state secretary before they became local laws.
People can expect to get a general parking ticket on Main Street when they park in a metered spot or lot without paying for it, and when they park too far away from the curb or park the wrong way against a curb, among other violations. Dobson said parking enforcement will continue as usual during Main Street construction.
The price for not paying a ticket on time has gone up, too. Late fees are now $35 instead of $10. Dobson said the village found that the previously established one-time $10 late fee wasn’t enough of a deterrent for people parking illegally on Main Street. The village court now issues someone a late fee of $35 if they don’t pay for their ticket within 30 days, according to Dobson.
The Lake Placid Police Department currently has one full-time and one part-time parking enforcement officer who write tickets on Main Street. Dobson said the officers can write tickets anywhere in the village, but their main focus is patrolling Main Street during business hours. Village police officers who aren’t parking enforcement officers can also write tickets on Main Street, but Dobson said that job is mainly left to the parking enforcement officers.
The department wants to hire one more full-time parking enforcement officer as soon as possible, Dobson said. He said the department typically has two full time parking enforcement officers.

Parking permits

Parking permits in the village for the 2021-2022 year will expire on May 9, according to Dobson. New parking passes for the 2022-2023 year, which will go into effect May 10, will be available soon. Regular parking passes for residents and businesses are $150 for one year. A parking pass gives its holder access to the following areas on and around Main Street:
¯Certain portions of the upper municipal lot across from NBT bank
¯Hayes Street, next to St. Eustace Episcopal Church
¯Across from the old Summit Hotel on Saranac Avenue
¯Elm Street, behind High Peaks Resort
¯The west and east side of Mirror Lake Drive, from Brewster Park to Swiss Road
¯The main municipal lot on Main Street
¯Parkside Drive, near the Adirondack Community Church
¯The Main Street parking lot to the right of Stewart’s in designated spaces along the back wall
There will also be transferable parking passes available, which are geared toward short-term vacation rental owners who want to provide a parking pass for their guests. Those passes are $1,000. All of the money from the parking passes goes to the village, according to Dobson.
He said that the village police department will release applications for parking permits in the near future. He said people would be able to find the application on the Lake Placid Police Department website, www.lakeplacidpd.com, and on the department’s social media pages. People could also pick up an application at the police department.
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