KFC secret sauce


What supplies are required to make Colonel Sanders’ secret KFC sauce?

• Ketchup — Ketchup gives the KFC secret sauce a crimson hue and a sweet-tangy taste.

• Mustard – Mustard gives the sauce a spicy, bittersweet flavor.

• Worcestershire Sauce – Add some Worcestershire sauce to your secret sauce to give it an umami taste.

We all enjoy the warm, allum taste that onion juice and garlic give to dishes. Add some onion juice and garlic to the sauce to give it that taste.

• Red and black pepper – Add some red and black pepper for the spiciness and heat.

• Tabasco sauce and chilli sauce – Add some tabasco and chilli sauce to the sauce to make it hot and spicy.

• Mayonnaise – Use mayonnaise to cut the spice. As a bonus, the sauce will become creamy.

• Vegetable Oil – Use some vegetable oil to give the sauce a little more fat.

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