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Inflation causes business owners to think more conservatively – WCJB

by Arifa Rana

OCALA, Fla. (WCJB) – Gas prices and inflation isn’t just impacting us at home, but also those local businesses providing services every day. This includes businesses like All Southern Lawn and Landscaping and in turn the man in charge Daniel Trengrove.
According to AAA, the state average is 8 cents more than a week ago, and the average cost for a full tank of gas of about 15 gallons is $63. West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Naples are all cities that are experiencing some of the highest gas prices, and north-central Florida isn’t immune to the increase.
“Diesel is currently, what, $5.22 a gallon? $125 doesn’t even full up, give you a full tank,” Trengrove said.
Trengrove and his crew service commercial properties and residential homes all the way from The Villages to Gainesville. Because of the rise in gas prices and the increased cost of materials, he said, they’ve “had to cut off” their routes to save on costs.
Another major part of his business is hardscaping, which includes adding ‘inanimate elements’ such as rocks to a landscape. Trengrove said, that part of the business has been greatly impacted by inflation.
“It used to be a dollar [and] 60 cents, per square foot we could get it, not it’s gone up to two dollars and 32 cents,” he said showing us pallets of stone ‘pavers.’ “…This stuff is a hot commodity so if you can get it, we get it we try to buy it to keep it involved and keep it in stock because if not a lot of our customers are waiting in in 19 weeks to get just a material so we can start the job.”
Inflation putting a strain on the wallets of both consumers and business owners.
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