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I work at Panda Express – one type of customer always annoys me and they all come in at the same time of d… – The US Sun

by Arifa Rana

A PANDA Express worker has revealed there’s one type of customer that annoys him the most.
The fast-food chain employee, known only as Isaiah, blasted customers who order orange chicken in the morning.
In his TikTok clip, Isaiah claimed: Like what??? It’s too sweet and heavy for the morning.”
He said: “Bro, people come into Panda Express at like 10am for some of this. Like really?
“Sometimes they even come at 7, 6. How are you going to wake up and want some orange chicken?”
TikTokers pointed out that 10am could be a worker's lunch break, or toward the end of their shift if they've been working the graveyard.
One viewer said: “Some people work at 2am so this is their lunch.
“Or some stop by to pick up something for lunch later.”
Another chimed: “Bro there’s people that’ll start work as early as 3-4am you probably start at 10am that’s why you say that (sic).”
TikTokers suggested that some Panda Express customers may buy the chicken in the morning and save it for later.
A fan said: “Sometimes I buy food early but won’t eat it to later (sic). I hate cooking rather have you do it for me.”
One viewer joked: “What time (is) my stomach supposed to open?”
Viewers told the worker that people don’t have to eat traditional breakfast foods at the start of the day.
One said: “I don’t usually eat breakfast but when I do it’s usually leftovers lol.”
A TikToker asked: “You ever get tired of eating egg for breakfast and heat up your leftover pizza?”
Others agreed with the worker as they said they would hold off going to the Chinese restaurant before 12.
Panda Express joints tend to open around 10am but opening hours tend to differ around the country.
The restaurant doesn't offer a breakfast menu.
Food writer Lacey Muszynski revealed that Panda Express customers should keep their receipts every time they visit.
In an article for Cheapism, she said that they may be an offer for diners to get free or discounted items.
For example, Panda Express normally gives customers a free individual entrée for a future visit, if an online survey is completed.
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