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How businesses can achieve sustainability in Nigeria – DBNC 2022 – Business Insider Africa

by Arifa Rana

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Over the years, people have been told to establish their own businesses to avoid growing the dream of another person. This idea has been planted, watered, and has nurtured in many hearts who believe that being in charge of a business will give them greater successes.
However, these people were not told that there is more to establishing a business. Sustainability and consistency are very vital and are determining factors in the success of any business.
How do people achieve these factors without having to break a leg or tooth? The Doing Business in Nigeria Conference (DBNC) is a platform where business experts come together to tell their experiences, challenges, and how they were able to rise above them and become success stories. Attendees of this conference will learn how to achieve success in business through sustainability, consistency, and other factors the experts will focus on.
The conference, which is in its second edition this year, is being organized by Linda Uneze, Co-founder, Maurice Xandra Solutions on April 27, 2022. The theme for the program is The Age of Conscious Resource Utilization.
DBNC is geared towards building the minds of participants in the right direction. It would go beyond motivating businesses to keep thriving despite the challenging economy. It will also emphasize on ways people can overcome their business challenges and achieve success to a great extent.
The sustainability of any business is a determinant of how its resources are being utilized. According to Uneze, “attendees of DBNC will learn ways to identify the potentials of a business, how to harness them and bring about sustainability in the long run. The experts who have been billed to share their business experiences would also touch on areas that most businesses are lacking.”
She continued, “There are various great minds in the country with outstanding business ideas. However, they have not developed the technical wherewithal to withstand the issues that comes with doing business in a challenging terrain. Hence, the essence of the conference is to empower these individuals to make critical decisions that guarantees the growth and sustainability of their business. More so, the experts will espouse ways attendees can attract investors from within and outside the country.”
The conference will be held in two sessions, the first will focus on Business, while the second will center on Technology.
In the first session, the speakers will take attendees on the topic, “Business Strategy and Execution in an Emerging Market.” There are various strategies business persons can adopt to ensure the growth and sustainability of their businesses in an emerging market. On that note, attendees will be taught ways to execute the strategies through the effective and efficient use of its resources.
The topic for the second session is “Embracing Technology for Business Sustainability.” DBNC believes technology is a contributing factor in the growth of businesses and its importance cannot be undermined. In this session, attendees will be taught ways technology can be embraced to ensure growth and sustainability in business.
The speakers lined up for the Business session are Paul Onwuanibe, Group Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, Landmark Group; Dr. Teddy Ngu, CEO, GB Foods; Adesola Sotande-Peters, CFO, Godrej Africa, USA & Middle East; Ugo Obi-Chukwu, Founder and Partner, Nairametric Financial Advocates; and Linda Uneze, Managing Partner, Maurice Xandra Solutions. This session will be moderated by Linda Uneze.
Meanwhile, the speakers lined up for the Technology session are Olatomiwa Williams, Country Manager, Microsoft Nigeria and Ghana; Dr. Ayo Adegboye, CEO Arravo; Jane Egerton-Idehen, Head of Sales Middle East and Africa, Meta (Facebook); Olu Akanmu, President and Co-CEO, Opay; Ann Ukadike. VP, People & Culture, Terragon Group. The Moderator for this session is Ann Ukadike.
The sponsors for this year’s conference are General Electric, VFD Group, InterSwitch, Environmental Accord, UnoTelos and GB Foods Africa.
The conference is proudly supported by Business Insider, Nairametrics, Pulse, Business Day Nigeria and Adzinga Media.
The time for the conference is 1:00 pm and it will hold on Zoom. This is a free event but registration is needed.
To register, click on the event link below:
For further inquiries, kindly send an email to dbnc@mauricexandra.com or contact 09049313488.
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