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Great Minds and Great Ideas Invited to Northern Michigan Startup Week – 9 & 10 News – 9&10 News

by Arifa Rana


A global event designed to attract great thinkers with great ideas is coming to northern Michigan next week. It’s called Northern Michigan Start-Up Week- and it’s a place for new ideas to come together.  Whether you have an idea, or need one, this may be the place for you.Nmc Innovation Hall
Keri Amlotte with 20Fathoms says, “It’s a full week of events happening here in Traverse City. We’re celebrating entrepreneurship, innovation, and a growing start-up business community.
“It’s also just to showcase all of the entrepreneurship work happening in our region that many people might not know about. So if you have a business, if you’re currently have a startup, great. This is for you,” Amlotte says.
They’re calling on all creative minds, professionals, startup enthusiasts, and anyone with an idea or willingness to help build something new. “It’s an opportunity for people who are currently working in entrepreneurship or want to get into it to meet new people and make new connections, which is critical if you’re starting to build a business,” Amlotte says.
Startup WeekBradley Matson with Northern Michigan Angels agrees. “Part of Startup Weekend is (that) anyone comes with an idea. It could be idea for a business, it could be a project. It could be a new aspect of a business that already exists.”
Northern Michigan Startup Week is a week-long event – in the past it’s spawned some brand new business ventures. You can start with your own idea – or find one you like and join the team. Amlotte says, “You have an opportunity to really dig in and meet with mentors and learn about how to build a business.”
It’s a true meeting of the minds. “It’s a way to really make new connections and do a lot of networking and meet new people who could help you grow your business and your career,” Amlotte adds. For Matson, “It’s a great way to really jump start anything new, any new idea you might have, any new project any new business.  It’s a great way to kind of get it started. Get it off the ground.”
Start Up Week kicks of Monday night with Space Night, where they’ll talk about space innovation and get a head start on helping your ideas take flight. Amlotte says, “I think people who are growing businesses are always looking to make new connections and find people who could potentially be investors in their business or employees in their business or make introductions for them to the resources that they need.”Nmc Innovation Sign
Matson says the event wraps up with a busy weekend. “On Friday night, everyone pitches their idea at the Innovation Hall at NMC. Everyone kind of votes on the top ideas. And then we narrow it down and everyone joins one of these teams. Sunday night, we move over to the Opera House where these ideas are pitched. We see what they’ve created over the weekend, and then our judges pick the winners for the weekend.” Matson says winners get an opportunity to meet with investors and work to make their dream become reality.
For details on Startup Week, click here.  You can use the Promo Code Tv10 for a discount on registration. 

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