Four types of tour packages


The Independent Tour

You are travelling alone when you take an independent tour. Here, the travel agency merely takes the effort to reserve your lodging; all subsequent rail or boat journeys must be taken independently.

Escorted tour

In contrast to self-guided tours, which are independent excursions, escorted tours transport tourists in a group to a variety of locations.

Escorted tours are often led by a tour director who manages all services from the start to finish. The majority of meals, some sightseeing, transportation, transfers to and from the airport, and lodgings are typically also included in escorted trips. Escorted trips are frequently led by motor coach, typically with no more than

Each of the places visited is stayed at for three nights. They frequently move quickly, and the cost generally includes practically everything.

Incentive Tour

A trip planned as an incentive to employees or business partners is referred to as an incentive trip. This kind of trip may be awarded to a single person or it may be offered to a big group of people, but only when specific goals have been reached over the year.

Hosted Tour

In addition to being distinct from escorted tours and autonomous tours, hosted is another type of tour package. This is the type of tour package where all you really need is a helping hand. There will be someone on hand to assist you, but only during certain hours.

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