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by Arifa Rana

Apr 12, 2022
Elizabeth Carden Allen
Elizabeth Carden Allen passed away of natural causes at her residence on Sunday morning, April 3, 2022.
Elizabeth moved from Seneca land (Warren, Pa.) to the territory of the Penobscot people (Blue Hill, Maine) to be near her youngest son and his family in January of 2014.
She graduated from Catherine Gibbs College in Boston in 1963 and then worked as a secretary for the law offices of Whitman, Ransom and Coulson in New York City.
After some time solo traveling in Europe and Greece, she returned to the city to work for R.W. Pressbridge, and met and fell in love with jazz musician Floyd “Floogie” Williams. They would soon be married while living in Mexico in 1968 before moving back to Seneca land in the Allegheny Mountain range, where they would raise two sons.
She is survived by her brother, Steve Anderson and his wife, Barbara (Lenni-Lenape land/New Jersey).
She is predeceased by her first husband, Floyd A. Williams Jr., and survived by their sons: Jamil and his partner, Melissa (Tongva land/Los Angeles, Calif.), Khalif and his partner, Amy and two grandsons: Ezra and Sayer (Penobscot land/Blue Hill, Maine); his children by previous marriage: Floyd III, Glenn and Monica (Wampanoag land/ Boston, Mass.), JoAnne (Mohawk land/Saratoga Springs, N.Y.), Kelley (Lenape land/ New York City), Casey (Dine land/ Utah) and families; and predeceased by her second husband, Lawrence Allen, and survived by her stepsons: Chris (Ohlone land/ Oakland, Calif.), and Greg (Cuicuilco land/Mexico City) and their families.
Elizabeth will be remembered as a talented folk artist, collector and curator and as the co-director of the Wild Wind Folk Art and Craft Festival for over 40 years. She was warm, courageous, and known for her deep passion and commitment to non-human animals who could not advocate for and protect themselves. Her humor, grace, and fierce love for her family and friends will be felt for many years to come.
No funeral service will be held, but a life celebration will be planned by her family for this coming year.
In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the ASPCA at www. ASPCA.org.
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