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Charlottesville business owner facing construction delays, official says staffing shortages to blame – NBC 29

by Arifa Rana

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – Renovations to one Charlottesville business were supposed to be done months ago. Now, as the weather starts to get warmer, business is still cold thanks to the delay.
The Grill at Meadowcreek by the golf courses at Pen Park serves people throughout the year, but business really booms over the summer. With the big revenue months coming up, some plans are being altered all because of delays that start with the city government.
The future of food and beverage at The Grill at Meadowcreek was supposed to be here by now.
“It was awarded in November in hopes of having it finished in January,” said Owner Jan Corrin.
But delays took over, starting with the permit, which was not granted for months.
Riaan Anthony, the deputy director of Charlottesville Parks and Recreation, said that’s due to a number of issues.
“I’ll definitely say lack of staff within the city plays a role,” he said.
Anthony said permit delays can be up to a few weeks, and the staffing issues hurt.
“Sometimes it takes a bit longer to complete the process in terms of people are doing two to three jobs,” he said.
While Anthony said construction in Charlottesville has “not let up,” the problems that a delay of even a few weeks can cause are noticeable to Corrin.
“I had to cancel the band that was scheduled for Friday, and I will have to cancel the next few till I get an idea of when it will open,” she said.
Corrin is staying patient. Anthony said everyone going through construction needs to stay patient — after all, there are still some supply shortages and the usual challenges of weather.
“We are doing the best that we can with the lack of resources that we have,” Anthony said. “Lack of resources, meaning, lack of staffing”
We asked Corrin what her message to be to the city would be.
“I don’t know what the problem is and why it’s taken so long, but anything they can do to help push it along and be awesome.”
Anthony said the best advice he could offer for anyone about to embark on a construction project is to have a plan — both for the expected and unexpected delays that could occur.
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