Mak’s Noodles (77 Wellington Road, Focal, 852-2854-3810): Mak’s is popular for its wonton noodles and is one of the most mind-blowing noodle shops in the city because of its scrumptious stock, solidly measured segments, and modest costs (under $5 USD). All its food is handcrafted, and the assistance is fast. I’ve been two times, and slurping down those noodles is one of my new favorite activities in Hong Kong. Other than the Wellington Road area, there are four different areas in Hong Kong.

Kong Café (Alpha House, 27 Nathan Street, TST, 852-2366-724, Situated on Nathan Street, the broiled rice and chicken dishes make this eatery worth a stop. I cherished their pineapple rice, which showed up in a major part, heavy on the pineapple (yum!). In the event that you’re searching for a speedy, light, and modest lunch, this spot is a decent decision. Unfortunately, their noodles are unremarkable in a city known for noodles (Mak’s is better).
Tsui Wah (15-19 Wellington Road, Focal, This famous chain eatery serves both Hong Kong and Western dishes; however, it’s renowned for its Cantonese dishes, for example, fish ball noodles, curry meat brisket, and firm consolidated milk buns. It’s constantly packed, however, making for extraordinary headache food. In the event that you go during top-supper or lunch hours, anticipate a huge delay. You can track down areas all around the city.

Aberdeen Fish and Noodle Shop (139 Tung Choi Road, Mong Kok): I coincidentally found this noodle and soup shop situated close to the Women’s Market in Mong Kok while looking for lunch one day. The shop was loaded up with local people—one Westerner really snuck up on me, and judging by the “are you lost?” looks from different patrons, I don’t think they see numerous Western burger joints. The seared noodles were heavenly and very modest ($2.50 USD), and they served a delicious fish ball soup. The administration is slow, so make certain to wave to the staff when you need something. The café will also group different groups together to fill the table, so don’t be shy about sharing a table with strangers.

Yokozuna (466-472 Nathan Street, Yau Mama Tei): This is truly outstanding and the most reliably great ramen place in Hong Kong. The café just seats 24, so sit tight for a table. In any case, for your understanding, you’ll be compensated with tasty stock and fresh noodles served rapidly. As a ramen darling, this spot gets two thumbs up from me.

Butao Ramen (69 Wellington Road, Focal, A different universe-class ramen eatery. This little foundation is well known for its sluggishly cooked pork bone soup and “Ruler Dark,” a squid-ink ramen soup. The standard ramen with essential pork and noodles is lavishly seasoned. They serve scrumptious miso-seasoned ramen as well!

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