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Burton, Ben & Jerry's, Mamava, UVMHN endorse Reproductive Liberty Amendment – Vermont Biz

by Arifa Rana

Vermont Business Magazine Today the Vermont for Reproductive Liberty Campaign announced that more than 1,300 individuals, businesses, and organizations have endorsed the Reproductive Liberty Amendment to date. The list of endorsers is now available on the campaign’s website.
The Reproductive Liberty Amendment is a proposed state constitutional amendment that would protect every Vermonter’s right to make their own reproductive decisions. The amendment would ensure that individual Vermonters can choose for themselves whether and when to become pregnant, use temporary or permanent birth control, or seek abortion care—regardless of any future attempts by politicians to limit access to reproductive health care services.
At a press conference, leaders from Burton, Ben & Jerry’s, Mamava, UVM Health Network, and Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility (VBSR) spoke about why they endorsed the Reproductive Liberty Amendment, and why supporting reproductive rights is good for business.
Screenshot during video presentation of Donna Carpenter.
Donna Carpenter, Co-founder, Owner, and Chair of Burton said, “At a time when the fundamental right for people to choose their own destiny is now threatened in approximately half of the United States, Vermont is once again a beacon of light and hope.”
“Ben & Jerry’s is proud to join many other Vermont companies in support of the Reproductive Liberty Amendment. We see it as a business imperative,” said Chris Miller, Global Head of Advocacy at Ben & Jerry’s. “It’s critically important for all employers, whether based in Vermont or anywhere else in the country, to stand up in support of the rights of our employees to access reproductive health services”.
“Mamava strongly endorses Vermont’s Reproductive Liberty Amendment and fully supports Vermont in becoming the first state in the nation to enshrine these basic human rights into our constitution,” said Megan Fulwiler, Senior Content Director at Mamava.
Dr. Lauren MacAfee, Physician, University of Vermont Health Network said, “As a doctor, it is my responsibility to provide counseling and guidance so that patients can make well-informed medical decisions. I trust patients to make the decision that is right for them. The Reproductive Liberty Amendment reinforces that trust and allows medical decisions to be left between a patient and their health care provider.”
Jordan Giaconia, Public Policy Manager, VBSR said, “A Vermonter who is able to make decisions about their own reproductive health care is a Vermonter with greater control over their economic well-being. Reproductive liberty doesn’t just create better health outcomes for Vermonters, it also contributes to their financial success and economic mobility. For these reasons and so many more, VBSR is proud to support the Reproductive Liberty Amendment.”
For more information about the Reproductive Liberty Amendment, visit reprolibertyvt.org.
About the Vermont Reproductive Liberty Amendment Campaign: The Vermont Reproductive Liberty Amendment Campaign is led by Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund’s Vermont for Reproductive Liberty IE PAC, ACLU of Vermont, Alliance for a Better Vermont, and the League of Women Voters of Vermont. 
Source: Planned Parenthood Vermont Action Fund Colchester www.ppnne.org

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