Buddhist temple in Shanghai, China


Situated in the Anyuan Lu region of Shanghai, the lovely Jade Buddha Sanctuary houses two Shakyamuni sculptures, which the priest Huigen carried with him from Burma. The current structure, raised in 1928 to supplant the first sanctuary, built in 1882, is divided into three corridors and two patios.

The most amazing design is the mind-blowing Lobby of the Lords of Paradise (Tian Wang Dian), eminent for its sculptures of the four radiant rulers and two Shakyamuni figures. Cut from white jade, one of these great sculptures stands almost two metres high in the Wentang Fundamental Corridor, where an assortment of Buddhist original copies is likewise kept (the more modest sculpture is in the west patio).

Transport General Society can board different public transports, including Highway 16, and can take Line 13 of the Shanghai Metro to Jiangning Street Station to show up at the Jade Buddha Sanctuary.

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