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‘Arby’s, Walmart, Secret Service’: Viral TikTok shows Indeed job post for secret service agent—directly below lawn care specialist – The Daily Dot

by Arifa Rana

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Grace Stanley
Published Feb 21, 2022
In a viral TikTok post last month, an Indeed job listing for a “Secret Service Federal Police Officer” came under scrutiny. 
The TikTok posted last month by Christian Grech (@grechofficial) has over 728,000 views. The video shows Grech using the green screen filter to show an Indeed job posting for a secret service officer by the United States Secret Service. 
“You apply to be a Secret Service agent through Indeed?” Grech said in the video, “This was directly below Lawn Care specialist.” 
Grech captioned the video “arby’s, walmart, secrert service.” 
arby’s, walmart, secrert service
The job posting caused confusion and controversy in the comments section. Many users were surprised that jobs like this would be posted through Indeed. 
“I found corrections officer, secret service, and the navy on indeed last night. Crazy!” one TikToker commented. 
“Feels like the Sims picking a career…,” another replied. 
“Some wild jobs bro 😂 indeed got it all,” a third said. 
Others were confused by the salary range on the posting, which was listed as a range from $61,796 to $106,302 per year. 
“61k-106k a year. that’s a very wide range,” one user said.
“That’s not that much for what you do,” another commented. 
“I would definitely not take a bullet for 60K,” a third said. 
It seems that some Indeed job postings for the United States Secret Service are legitimate. 
One job listing that claims to be for the United States Secret Service doesn’t require users to submit personal information through a non-legitimate site. Instead, it directs users to apply through USA Jobs, the official United States government website for civil service job postings.
The United States Secret Service also has an Indeed company profile, although there are no job postings listed on the profile at this time.  
Some users still thought that the posting was a scam, and accused Indeed of selling data. 
“I think Indeed is selling our data, and a lot of the jobs are scams,” one TikToker commented. 
“They’d make more money selling the data then actually providing other services,” another replied. 
On Indeed’s website, it says that it does not sell users data – at least in the “traditional sense.” However, personal data is shared with affiliate sites like Glassdoor, SimplyHired, and Resume.com. 
Indeed says that data sharing is to connect users to more job listings, customize services, and enhance security, according to its website
Indeed advises users to watch out for scam postings, and provides users with guidelines for safe job searching. It tells users to look out for postings that request personal or financial information, or seem too good to be true.
The Daily Dot reached out to the United States Secret Service, Indeed, and Christian Grech for comment via email. 
Grace Stanley is a reporter covering tips and tricks for creators and influencers. They were previously the social media manager for Nautilus Magazine and attended the University of Texas at Austin.
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