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All the alt-ac jobs – ASBMB Today

by Arifa Rana

This week I gave myself the task of collecting every job I could think of that a person with biology, molecular biology or biochemistry training could do in “alt-ac” — that is, outside of academia and outside of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. 
The jobs can be loosely sorted into lab-related jobs and jobs that are outside the lab. 
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Elizabeth Stivison is a postdoctoral researcher at Vanderbilt University studying inositol signaling and a careers columnist for ASBMB Today.
from the ASBMB career center
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When they were created in 1973, they covered 80% of expenses at public institutions. Today they cover less than 30%.
Just added: Webinar on becoming an early-career reviewer for the NIH. Happening this week: O-GlcNAc meeting oral abstract deadline and symposium on women scientists' careers.
Many prospective students want to attend college but say it's too expensive.
Our academic careers columnist breaks down some of the most common arrangements.
Why some University of California departments may use alternatives.
Coming up this week: Screening and virtual panel discussion about film "Coded Bias"; oral abstract deadline for meeting on gene expression; and deadlines for GSA and DOE programs for grad students and postdocs.


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