8 Security Tips for Azerbaijan


  1. Remain cautious – Unimportant burglary and pickpocketing are intriguing here as the public authority (which is a tyranny) rebuffs criminals brutally. By and by, a trivial robbery occurs occasionally in occupied open-air markets in Azerbaijan, as well as on the Baku metro and another public vehicle. Be more mindful of your assets when you’re in jam-packed puts and display nothing costly.
  2. Pay special attention to drink-related tricks – There have been a few reports of explorers being looted in the wake of having their beverages spiked, especially in Western-style clubs and bars in Baku. Try not to take food or drink from outsiders or individuals you’ve quite recently met, and consistently watch out for the beverages you’ve requested.

There are likewise reports of tricks focusing on men at bars. These happen when a lady requests that an unfamiliar man get her beverages. She winds up leaving him with an exceptionally high bar tab, and on the off chance that he cannot pay, a gathering of men could utilize actual power to demand.

  1. Try not to affront the decision Aliyev family – The leader of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, who took over from his dad Heydar in 2003, and his family, are not to be ridiculed or spoken about severely.

He has won five races with around 80% of the vote, however, there’s a lot of proof that he and his New Azerbaijan Party are liable for inescapable debasement and an absence of a popularity based process, alongside imprisoning individuals who have reprimanded the family or the public authority. Leave nothing to chance and try not to talk about governmental issues while you’re here.

  1. Try not to go close or discuss Armenia – Stay away from the line of Armenia and Azerbaijan, where inconsistent furnished conflicts actually happen. Specifically, don’t go close to the Nagorno-Karabakh locale, which is a contested region where the equipped clash is normal. There are hidden explosives in these districts too, one more valid justification to stay away.

The most secure thing is essentially also Armenia by any means. There’s a continuous, harsh clash between the two countries, and Azerbaijanis can blow up assuming you attempt to discuss Armenia.

In the event that you’re of Armenian plunge — for instance, assuming you have an Armenian family name — this could create issues for you in Azerbaijan so be ready.

  1. Be cautious on the streets – Large numbers of the streets in Azerbaijan are in horrendous shape, and drivers frequently speed. While driving, you want to look out for individuals by walking and domesticating animals in the country Azerbaijan. The streets are furious.

On the off chance that you can stay away from it, don’t drive around evening time. There is generally next to zero lighting on the streets and there are a ton of potholes and knocks that can cause a terrible mishap on the off chance that you can’t see them coming.

On the additional side, the blood liquor limit here is zero so there is no capacity to bear driving under the influence (and that implies you’re less inclined to experience smashed drivers here). On the off chance that driving, ensure you keep this regulation exactly.

Street well-being is possibly going to be your greatest worry here, so forever be extra cautious while driving or close to occupied streets.

  1. Decline to offer incentives – There’s all in all a culture of pay-off and debasement in Azerbaijan, so you could end up in a circumstance where you’re approached to offer an incentive. In spite of the fact that it can feel troublesome, it’s alright to decline to pay, and normally, that will mean the demise of it.

Numerous Azerbaijanis are humiliated by the degree of defilement and payoff and will put forth a valiant effort to conceal it from unfamiliar travelers. Tragically, there is a minority who will in any case request pay-offs — once in a while even authorities.

  1. Pay special attention to counterfeit police – It’s a seriously normal trick to run over hoodlums dressed as cops. In their camouflage, they will target outsiders and attempt to give you a phony traffic encroachment or request you pay a fine for capturing in the road.

If all else fails, request that they take you to a police headquarters. Ideally, they will then consent to let you be.

  1. Purchase travel protection – Each time you travel, you ought to ensure you have a suitable degree of movement protection. No one can tell what could turn out badly! Ideally, nothing will happen to you while you’re investigating Azerbaijan, however, you’ll be truly thankful you have travel protection in the event that you are engaged in an auto collision, become the survivor of robbery, or become ill and end up in a crisis circumstance.

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