6 Wellbeing Tips for Costa Rica


  1. Stay away from segregated regions – On the off chance that you’re some place separated, you’ll be at a more serious gamble of getting burglarized, particularly around evening time and in large urban communities. Attempt to remain where the groups are. That is the most effective way to try not to be singled out by possible muggers.
  2. Try not to wear conspicuous things – Trivial robbery is normal here, so eliminate any gems or watches before you go out and don’t wave your telephone or camera around. Give your all to mix in, so you don’t turn into an objective for pickpockets. In the event that you end up getting yourself a casualty of a burglary, adhere to the directions of the looter and surrender your resources; these material things can be supplanted however your life can’t.
  3. Try not to leave your things unattended – In the event that you are going through the day on the sea shores in Puerto Viejo, St Nick Theresa, or Manuel Antonio, don’t leave your effects unattended while swimming or strolling along the sand; local people or sightseers the same can undoubtedly take your resources assuming you leave them around. Simply take what you want with you and that’s it.

On the off chance that you would be able, hit the ocean side with individual explorers so you can each watch out for everybody’s things.

  1. Be ready while utilizing public transportation – Frivolous burglary (counting pack grabbing) is the most well-known sort of wrongdoing you’ll look in Costa Rica. The greater part of the robbery in Costa Rica happens while taking the transport. Keep your sack containing resources and recognizable proof on your lap and remain watchful.
  2. Continuously take an approved taxi – Violations against taxi riders are rare here yet it’s best you utilize an authorized taxi. Likewise, give close consideration to the meter and ensure it’s running appropriately. Taxi drivers can switch the meter off and guarantee it’s wrecked (a typical trick, see beneath).
  3. Purchase travel protection – Travel protection is particularly significant assuming that you intend to jump into exercises like ziplining, wilderness boating, or surfing. It safeguards you against surprising costs that emerge because of sickness, injury, burglary, and retractions. It’s thorough security on the off chance that anything turns out badly. I never go out traveling without it. You shouldn’t by the same token.

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