1. Visit the Fish Market
    The Tsukiji Fish Market was one of the most notable staples of the city. In 2018, the market moved to Toyosu and is presently two times the size of the first Tsukiji market. As a matter of fact, the new market is the biggest fish market in the whole world. While you’ll require a guest’s pass to enter (you can get one on appearance) the pass is free (and that implies you’ll have more cash to spend on sushi!)
    There are north of 600 merchants here selling new fish as well as new products of the soil. Gorge on sushi and wonder about the turbulent climate of the world’s biggest fish market. The fish sell off here powers a large part of the world’s sushi supply, and it is genuinely a sight to be seen. You can likewise see a model of the biggest fish at any point sold at Tsujiki — which weighed 500kg (1,100lbs!).
    Notwithstanding the new market, the old external market at Tsukiji actually has a lot of eateries and shops. You can in any case make a beeline for eat and glance around, however all the activity is presently at Toyosu. Make certain to show up before the expected time to beat the groups (particularly on Saturdays).
  2. Investigate by the Royal Castle
    The Royal Castle is the authority home of the Head of Japan. It’s a stupendous spot to find out about Japan’s set of experiences and culture. Previously Edo Palace, the royal residence was implicit the fifteenth hundred years, and a portion of the walls and channels from that time are still being used right up to the present day. At the point when the Sovereign moved from Kyoto to Tokyo in 1869, he took Edo for his new castle and renamed it the Royal residence.
    You can’t head inside (or even get really close), notwithstanding, the actual structure is both lofty and quiet and an incredible spot to unwind or snap some photographs. The royal residence is encircled by lovely grounds and a recreation area, and there’s a channel around the gigantic stone walls. Admission to the grounds is free.
  3. Experience a Tea Function
    No visit to Japan is finished without encountering a conventional tea service. Tea was brought to Japan in the ninth hundred years by a Buddhist priest and by the twelfth 100 years, the function started to come to fruition. While these services are normally lengthy (also costly), there are a lot of financial plan accommodating choices for anybody hoping to encounter one without burning through every last dollar. The following are a couple of financial plan friednly tea services in Tokyo worth looking at:
  4. Unwind in Ueno Park
    Ueno Park is an unwinding and wonderful spot to unwind for a couple of hours (or time is on a whole day on the off chance that your side). It’s a peaceful spot to photo the numerous cherry trees that line the recreation area (which bloom in April and are an immense traveler draw) or to have an excursion on a bright summer evening.
  5. Eat at the Robot Café
    This café, in a real sense called Robot Eatery, is a flat out tactile over-burden. it has lasers, robots, beasts, music, moving and a whole lot more! Certainly, it very well might be somewhat of a sham (otherwise known as it’s not modest), yet it is a legendary eating experience dissimilar to anything you’ve at any point seen. It’s certainly worth the cost if you have any desire to accomplish something all the way strange — and something positively Japanese.

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